Crank the Space Heater

There is work to do. A cold basement calls my name. Fresh surfaces, new paints/pencils/pens, tons of fish and skulls bouncing around in my head, and a new body of work called the Necromancer Series.  There's beer to brew, and to drink.  Some new music, and rediscovered old jams. Let's get this Winter started.  

The Gnashings

Grinding away, balancing stress with joy, coming to a destination.  The highs and the lows.  Gnash on. *All works are available in print and canvas on my Society6 page: JakeKeeler The Gnashings: Self | 2013 | 6" x 6" | Pen and watercolor on paper The Gnashing: Retribution | 2013 | 6" x 6" |... Continue Reading →

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