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Lucidchrome is finished.  I’m extremely happy with how it turned out.  A huge thanks to everyone at Lucid for hooking me up with the wall and opportunity.  The hunt continues to find the third and final brewery.  Cheers to beers and big paintings of fish.

Lucidchrome – Days two and three

Two more days on the Lucid Brewing mural completed. A fourth day is certainly in the plans, and possibly a fifth to make any last minute touches.  What I thought would only take 3 full days has now stretched out to 5, not-so-full days, over the course of about 2.5 weeks.  In the end I’ll put in the raw hours…

LucidChrome – Day One

I’ve started a new mural, second in a series being done at local breweries, and also as an extension of my Winter Chrome series of drawings and paintings.  When I finished Into The Maw at Pour Decisions Brewing Company last Fall, I immediately wanted to do another.  I hadn’t done murals, and/or large scale paintings for quit some time, so…