New Works 2.19.13

Howdy citizens, I've been working on getting some new works finished for the past few weeks, and now I can finally share some of them with you.  For now I'm concentrating on getting a handful of smaller works completed and out.  I have larger drawings that stand unfinished, as they need some dedicated hours and... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Abe: The Bearded Gar

Dangerous Abe: The Bearded Gar is done.  He's basking in the appreciation of Dangerous Man's patrons.  He's dangerous, but content in his settings. He came together like a Summer breeze that turns into a lightning storm. Huge thank you's to Rob, Sarah, Ginny and everyone else at Dangerous Man Brewing. Twin Cities Live will be... Continue Reading →

LucidChrome – Day One

I've started a new mural, second in a series being done at local breweries, and also as an extension of my Winter Chrome series of drawings and paintings.  When I finished Into The Maw at Pour Decisions Brewing Company last Fall, I immediately wanted to do another.  I hadn't done murals, and/or large scale paintings... Continue Reading →

Chrome December/Fishbeer

1st:  I forgot to include a blog in my last post that I think everyone here should follow: Fishbeer Matt Dunn is a fisherman, and a beer lover, and he writes about both.  So, there is that and that is enough. 2nd: Here are some small pieces in the Winer Chrome series I finally finished.

Unearthed #3

Birth of a pattern right here.  Somewhere, somehow by something I was inspired to develop a hatch/weave pattern.  After doodling around, I settled on these, and went on to make a bunch more.  The pattern itself stands on it's own, but more recently it's incorporated into larger compositions/images. If time permits, I hope to create... Continue Reading →

Out of a Rut

Birds of America I bought an old, beat up copy of Audubon's Birds of America a while back, and initially intended to use it as reference book.  As it turned out, the text and the book itself became more interesting to me vs. the images.  I decided to use the book as a sketch book..creating... Continue Reading →

Winter Chrome

Steelhead, and in particular, Winter steelhead, are one of the coolest fish that swims.  It's it.  Consequently, I find them to be a preferred subject matter.  It may be the shape, the lines, the colors, or just the mojo that these fish drum up.  In any case, I've started a new body called Winter... Continue Reading →

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