Back in the Saddle

After what feels like forever, I'm brewing beer and drawing.  A bit of a drought.   A professor of mine in grad school once pointed out to me that I make work and "act" according to the changing seasons; she wasn't wrong, and to this day, it holds true.  The chill in the air, the changing... Continue Reading →

Beer matters to me…why?

A confluence of news and happenings has me examining myself, and how I define myself to the world.   The question of "why do we do the things we do and why does that matter?" seem to be on the edge of everything catching my attention. It's a bit like learning a new word or phrase,... Continue Reading →

Winter Work

It's the dead of Winter here in MN.  Like all resourceful north-folk I've got my trusty hobbies to prevent me from succumbing to cabin fever.  If life gives you freezing temps, make beer (and drink it), do a shitload of drawing, and strip streamers for pike if the temps get above 30. Brewing: Snowblower Beers... Continue Reading →

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