Beer matters to me…why?

A confluence of news and happenings has me examining myself, and how I define myself to the world.   The question of "why do we do the things we do and why does that matter?" seem to be on the edge of everything catching my attention. It's a bit like learning a new word or phrase,... Continue Reading →

Blame it on the Beer Biz

Damn, I haven't made work or gone fishing for a good while now.  Consequently, nothing much to post here.  It's not for lack of want or desire, it's simply a result of being busy at work.  Kind of a lame excuse for an "arteest" I know, but, it is true.  See the thing is, I... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Man!

Stoked to announce that I'll be rocking the third mural in my Brewery-Fish series (working title) at Dangerous Man Brewing Co. in NE Minneapolis MN. Now, I've enjoyed making the murals at both Pour Decisions (Into The Maw) and Lucid Brewing Company (Lucidchrome).  Both had their own unique challenges, joys, short-comings and liquid-gratitudes.  I'm pumped... Continue Reading →


Lucidchrome is finished.  I'm extremely happy with how it turned out.  A huge thanks to everyone at Lucid for hooking me up with the wall and opportunity.  The hunt continues to find the third and final brewery.  Cheers to beers and big paintings of fish.

LucidChrome – Day One

I've started a new mural, second in a series being done at local breweries, and also as an extension of my Winter Chrome series of drawings and paintings.  When I finished Into The Maw at Pour Decisions Brewing Company last Fall, I immediately wanted to do another.  I hadn't done murals, and/or large scale paintings... Continue Reading →

Gnarly Buggers and Czech-Style Dark Lager

Variation on Gnarly Bugger pattern.  Execution: nymphing pocket water on the Big Muddy for smallies. Tying-session beer: Schells Czech-Style Dark Lager.  Slight roasty and caramel aroma, very faint floral hop aroma.  Quiet roast, light sweetness and mild bitterness with a dry finish.  Perfect early Autumn beer.  Another great offering from Schell's limited release Stag Series.

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