Sketchbooks and Old Tables

Sketchbooks. They've been a part of my life like a security blanket.  I used to thumb through the stacked books of my brother and mother; secret spell books containing the elusive methods, magic, genius ideas and imaginations of artists.  I was hooked.  Still am. The older I get, the more I regret not keeping better... Continue Reading →


A few days here and there connecting with family, making art, tying some flies, and drinking some special beers.  I think this "holiday" thing is pretty much figured out.                

The Growler

I was recently asked to do some illustrations for a story on fishing and beer in one of my favorite local rags called The Growler.  The Growler is a monthly covering the MN and regional craft beer scene.  Run by some good people, I jumped at the chance.  Hell if my pal Dawson is gonna... Continue Reading →

New Works 2.19.13

Howdy citizens, I've been working on getting some new works finished for the past few weeks, and now I can finally share some of them with you.  For now I'm concentrating on getting a handful of smaller works completed and out.  I have larger drawings that stand unfinished, as they need some dedicated hours and... Continue Reading →

Weekend Nugs 1.19.13

1. Blogs of interest Adrift - great stories, photos and videos from TC resident Andy Weaverling.  He also writes from time to time and has an article about fishing for big browns in close quarters in the current issue of American Angler. Currents - photos, videos and insights about fishing the amazing trout waters of... Continue Reading →

Chrome December/Fishbeer

1st:  I forgot to include a blog in my last post that I think everyone here should follow: Fishbeer Matt Dunn is a fisherman, and a beer lover, and he writes about both.  So, there is that and that is enough. 2nd: Here are some small pieces in the Winer Chrome series I finally finished.

Unearthed #3

Birth of a pattern right here.  Somewhere, somehow by something I was inspired to develop a hatch/weave pattern.  After doodling around, I settled on these, and went on to make a bunch more.  The pattern itself stands on it's own, but more recently it's incorporated into larger compositions/images. If time permits, I hope to create... Continue Reading →

Out of a Rut

Birds of America I bought an old, beat up copy of Audubon's Birds of America a while back, and initially intended to use it as reference book.  As it turned out, the text and the book itself became more interesting to me vs. the images.  I decided to use the book as a sketch book..creating... Continue Reading →

Winter Chrome

Steelhead, and in particular, Winter steelhead, are one of the coolest fish that swims.  It's it.  Consequently, I find them to be a preferred subject matter.  It may be the shape, the lines, the colors, or just the mojo that these fish drum up.  In any case, I've started a new body called Winter... Continue Reading →

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