New works

Some new works are coming out of the studio. Some long awaited, some quickly turned.  More new work and news in the coming weeks.


2 sessions in the last 5 days on rivers that are quickly becoming favorites of mine. One stretch of river being famliar territory for browns and brook trout of respectable caliber and the other being a familiar river, yet new stretch. This new stretch has promise. Some solid smallmouth and a few drums (sheepshead) with... Continue Reading →

Studio Notes #3

15 panels prepped and ready to be transformed. To me, this is a true sign of the start; a delberate step in the process. I'm not too picky about the panels. They're relatively inexpensive, readily available and utilitarian. But I make sure they have some interesting patterns in the grain to add depth, texture and... Continue Reading →

Studio Notes #2

In the process of arranging my studio and preparing for a new body of work I realized that I have probably started, stopped and put aside as much if not more works then I have completed in the last 2 years. I'm not sure if that's a sign of growing and being more selective...or a... Continue Reading →

Studio Notes #1

Part of a healthy artistic practice is keeping notes, facilitating feedback/criticism, employing a sketch book and staying constantly aware and curious. One cannot always be working on an epic masterpiece, or putting the final touches on a body of work; the grind is in the weeds much of the time, and many times those weeds... Continue Reading →

Make The Lightning

Hola Amigos! Been a while since I rapped at ya. Been a while since a lot of things.  Life has been moving, no doubt about that.  Some art and some fishing has happened, as well as some cool projects like this one with Fly Lords., and a contribution to the Reel Service Project from Vedavoo.... Continue Reading →

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