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Studio Notes #2

In the process of arranging my studio and preparing for a new body of work I realized that I have probably started, stopped and put aside as much if not more works then I have completed in the last 2 years.

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Studio Notes #1

Plenty of pens, pencils, paints and surfaces. No excuses.

Part of a healthy artistic practice is keeping notes, facilitating feedback/criticism, employing a sketch book and staying constantly aware and curious.

One cannot always be working on an epic masterpiece, or putting the final touches on a body of work; the grind is in the weeds much of the time, and many times those weeds are compelling in their own right.

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Make The Lightning

42 of 100 – sketches for a promo with The Fly Fish Journal

Hola Amigos!

Been a while since I rapped at ya.

Been a while since a lot of things.  Life has been moving, no doubt about that.  Some art and some fishing has happened, as well as some cool projects like this one with Fly Lords., and a contribution to the Reel Service Project from Vedavoo.

But on the whole, I’ve been feeling that malaise…that all too easy state of complacency that shares company with streaming services, regret from reading the comments on social media, and falling back on a belief that I have limited capacity.  Essentially, being lazy.

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Simms S.O.S. Boundary Waters

Free The Fighter

Simms Fishing Products launched their S.O.S. campaign last month.  The idea is simple – sell t-shirts depicting some iconic waterways to help raise money and awareness towards their protection.  Last month it was the Yellowstone River, a much maligned but beloved river in Montana. This month it’s the BWCA – a place close to my heart.

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Cooking up new works

Creator & Destroyer | 2017 | 9″ x 12″ | Pen and ink on cradled wood board

Finally back in the studio with some new ideas and motivation.  This particular piece, along with a few others I’m finishing up mark a shift in the work.  Excited where it’s all going.  More work to share in the coming weeks.




Look at this bum…rocking the Heavy Metal version

Do you like t-shirts depicting a necromantic wizard swinging forth some chrome?  Yes?  You are in luck.  I’ve got your jam.

Stone Grey and Heavy Metal – smalls through 2XL.

$20.00 ($25 for 2XL).

Limited quantities.

Stone Grey version

ELDERS t-shirt – they’re coming…

You want grey, or grey?
You want grey, or grey?

Getting these made with my homies at CHUX.

Up on my Etsy page soon.

Cheers amigos,


$3035.00 raised – THANKS!

Thanks glub glub!

The #get20give100 campaign has come to a close.  All totaled we raised $3035.00 through the sales of my artwork.  Fucking-A Awesome!

I’ll be making the donations this weekend.  That’s $303.50 per org – not bad at all.  I’ll round that up to $305.

More on this in the coming week – once again, thanks to everyone that purchased a piece in February.  The effort doesn’t stop here though; I’ll keep donating at least 30% of all sales to orgs fighting to protect clean water and our environment.  Now more than ever we need to do what we can!

Cheers amigos,


See you at the jam?

The details - graphic courtesy of Trout on Tap
The details – graphic courtesy of Trout on Tap

If you’re in the TC’s or surrounding area you have some hot jams to choose from this month.  F3T is rolling through River Falls, WI and Minneapolis this week.  Lund’s, Bob Mitchell’s and Mend are all getting down and helping out with the festivities…FAM!  Trout on Tap goes off on Thursday to get things rolling (see above). Later in the month, the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo runs the 17th – 19th at some new digs in the city proper.  It’s looking like a tight pre-season for fishy folk.

So many itches are gonna get scratched.

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