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Vagabond Fly Fishing – Artist Interview


Super pumped to share my Artist Interview in the latest addition of Vagabond Fly Mag!

I love having the chance to share more info about my art, and the things that drive it. I’m also humbled by the fact that there are folks around the world digging what I do. Thank you interwebs!

Beyond my interview, there is a ton of great content on Vagabond.  Grab a coffee/beer, open your browser, and lose yourself for while.


Work for Sale!


I used to sell my work.  I made some money; sometimes good, sometimes just enough to cover my overhead costs.  When I started creating work in earnest about 4 years ago after a small hiatus of serious production, the thought of actively pursuing sales didn’t interest me. I tried selling prints through a third party, and although the service and quality was great, I never felt 100% committed to the endeavor…so I stopped. I was content to focus on the work itself and share it with other via social media and my website.

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A Plan

Make it count
Make it count

Time to make a plan.

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I love the Brule

Swung one up
Swung one up

Time on Wisconsin’s Bois Brule River is always special in the Fall.

Can’t wait to get back.

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Oh yeah…Montana

Sunsets and Gnar
Sunsets and Gnar

I spent some time in Montana a little while back.  It was my first time visiting the state, and first time fishing a truly “West” place.  It felt like another planet to me. The impressions it left and the memories that remain sticky have helped me during a time of transition.  I’d like to go back some time.

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Cradle: Midlife

Cradle: Midlife | 2016 | 8" x 8" | Pen and ink on wood panel
Cradle: Midlife | 2016 | 8″ x 8″ | Pen and ink on wood panel

Finally finished a piece. More news to come. Cheers amigos.


Great River Great Beer update



“What brings the Rahr Corporation, Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop, Friends of the Mississippi River (FMR), and Fulton Beer together? It’s simple: water. A healthy river is as vital to the success and sustainability of all these organizations as it is to the vast ecosystem that same water supports. It affects you too, whether you’ve got a beer or fly rod in your hand. That’s why we’ve combined forces to bring awareness to the importance of good, clean water, in an attempt to keep this river great for future generations to enjoy. It’s amazing what a pint of beer and a t-shirt can do.”

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Cradle One | 2016 | 8" x 8" | ink and pen on paper

I was messing around with my usual circle motif/composition element, and one way or another, the circle broke up, and suddenly I was working with a half-moon, husk, cradle-type thing.  It stuck. I love it.  I banged out these two pieces rather quickly, and now the “cradle” is showing up in a host of new works.  Always a blast to find something that feels right for the time and mood.

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Simms Necromancer


So, this happened.

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