Spirit Beasts and a new path…

  I finally completed the piece that helped break a creative stagnation.  The piece, Spirit Beasts (Andre's GT), is actually the second version I created for Andre Van Wyck.  The first was in the vein of my works from the last 3 or 4 years; seemed solid when it began.  Eventually, I came to the... Continue Reading →

Crash Camp 2018

All photos courtesy Kyle Zemple Photography Crash Camp 2018.  What can I say? It started years ago when I started seeing some fishing vids on social media covering what some guy was calling "The Crash". I couldn't quite place what I was seeing; I'd never seen smallmouth act like they were in these vids, and... Continue Reading →

The New Jam

Long time no rap about art. I've been busy the last 8-12 months with work, family, fishing and life in general.  All great, all fulfilling and all to be continued. As I've had time to step away from art-making, being an artist and generally thinking about my work, it's given me some perspective on where... Continue Reading →

MN Muskie T-Shirt with CHUX

Yo!  Stoked to present my MN Muskie t-shirt - a collaboration with my good buddies at CHUX. On sale through June.  You pick one up here: http://www.chuxprint.com/shop/collab18 Cheers!

Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo

YO!  I'll be showing my work this weekend (3/16 - 3/18) at the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo I've joined forces with my good buddies Charlie Forbes, Ted Hansen and Josh Desmit as the Minnesota Fly Fishing Artists; a monicker we've adopted to present our work as a collective. We're following the lead of our... Continue Reading →

Finding balance

Original posted on my Facebook and Instagram feeds on 12/4 Like some of you, I’ve been feeling enraged by a seemingly unending series of “wtf is wrong with our president, government, society...where the fuck is our heart and soul?”.   In times when I cannot find the right sequence of words, I seek refuge and... Continue Reading →

Holiday Sale & New Stickers

I've added an array of stickers for sale through my Etsy page, just in time for the gift giving season. Along with these new offerings, I've also put all originals and my Elders t-shirt on sale for 25% off from 11/24 to 12/1.  No coupon to plug in, the price will already reflect the discount.... Continue Reading →

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