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New Works

I was away, drinking homebrews from around the country, talking to some Swedish dude about how to manage homebrewing organizations…drawing in the margins, finding a new love for the music of All Them Witches, and drinking more beers again and again and again from Founders. Got back to All Them Works…cheers amigos.

The Phantom & Summit in Cans

Two things: 1. The above piece is a bit overdue to share – be on the look out for it elsewhere sometime in 2014… 2. Summit Extra Pale Ale and Saga now come in cans (as does their Summer Ale) – this has redefined my beer consumption.  I love can.

Keep movin’

Well amigos, it’s been hard to put time towards the ol’ art, fishing and brewing lately.  Tons of work travel, more work, house stuff, family stuff and a general tripping & fumbling into Spring. Has it always been this way?   Probably. Spring has become my favorite time of the year (minus the garage and basement occasionally taking on water).  Forever…

Bugger Hatch 2014

It was time again for the annual Bugger Hatch.  The time of year right after the big thaw, and raging chocolate milk flows, when the water temps tick up and the troutz starting getting their feed-bag on. Mixed results this time around; plenty fish seen feeding both on the surface with a good BWO hatch around 1pm, and below surface…


The culmination of beers, metal, and some wicked new headphones. It’s half past metal amigos.

On it

I was planning on doing some drawing today, but it kcked into higher gear when I saw this. I’m a fan of Surly.  I know those guys.  I’ve been pining to pen some bottle/can art for them for the last 2,000 years.  I now have my chance. I make no assumptions, just going to put my work out there and…

Friday nights

Deadlines at work, a lot of unfinished drawings, and the to-do list never ends – I feel bloated.  Need to get some of these projects d.o.n.e. All in good time. It’s Friday night, and this husband and father just came off a 50 hour work week.  Not complaining, just relishing a Friday night in the basement with my drawings and…


A few days here and there connecting with family, making art, tying some flies, and drinking some special beers.  I think this “holiday” thing is pretty much figured out.