25% off all art and merch!

My 25% off sale on Etsy starts today and runs through 8/24/19. This includes all originals, stickers and buttons. Click here to shop. 25% of the money made will be donated to Save Bristol Bay  as part of the AFFTA's Day for Bristol Bay campaign. It's a great to get some rad art and contribute... Continue Reading →


The end of Winter and the whole of Spring went fast. Maybe too fast. The first half of Summer has been no different.  It has been punctuated by some life/career changes for the family, building of friendships, and the shuffling of other relationships as I grow older, shoulder new responsibility and reevaluate who I am... Continue Reading →

Some new works & stuff…

Holy moly...haven't laid down some words and images here in a good bit.  I've been busy making work and getting "stuff" lined up. I banged out a new body of work which incorporates some of my favorite fish and subject matter, but utilizes acrylics in a new an exciting way to help contrasts the more... Continue Reading →


Earlier this year I set out to limit my media choices for one year.  Black and white, or somewhere there abouts was the goal.  I found out a few things, and I'm glad I did it.  But now, month later, I realize I need some color.  But maybe not as much as I used to...... Continue Reading →

30% off all work on Etsy

Howdy folks. I'm running a 30% off sale on all original works and stickers via my Etsy page. The sale will run 10/26/18 - 11/2/18. I'm running this sale to raise awareness and funds to support efforts by the Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters in their current mission: "Minnesota's iconic public lands are under attack from... Continue Reading →

Spirit Beasts and a new path…

  I finally completed the piece that helped break a creative stagnation.  The piece, Spirit Beasts (Andre's GT), is actually the second version I created for Andre Van Wyck.  The first was in the vein of my works from the last 3 or 4 years; seemed solid when it began.  Eventually, I came to the... Continue Reading →

Crash Camp 2018

All photos courtesy Kyle Zemple Photography Crash Camp 2018.  What can I say? It started years ago when I started seeing some fishing vids on social media covering what some guy was calling "The Crash". I couldn't quite place what I was seeing; I'd never seen smallmouth act like they were in these vids, and... Continue Reading →

The New Jam

Long time no rap about art. I've been busy the last 8-12 months with work, family, fishing and life in general.  All great, all fulfilling and all to be continued. As I've had time to step away from art-making, being an artist and generally thinking about my work, it's given me some perspective on where... Continue Reading →

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