It's 2020. As I stare down another rotation around the sun, it occurs to me I may have lost track of something... Why am I doing what I'm doing? What is my purpose?  Nah mean?  Started losing the story-arc and got caught up in the details. How something gets done is just steps, tumbles, trips and... Continue Reading →

Thank You

Thanks to everyone that spent a bit of their hard-earned cash-money on my art these past few weeks during my 50% off Holiday sale. Some art will have forever homes, and some stickers will adorn fly boxes, drift boats, tying desks and sketchy dive-bar bathrooms in 2020 and beyond. On top of this, and the... Continue Reading →

7 Years

I was reminded this morning of a mural I completed 7 years ago. I did a series of large fish at local breweries when I was in-between jobs. I hadn’t done any murals for many years, and I was just starting to establish my new body of work. At the time, it felt risky as... Continue Reading →

Holiday Sale – 50% off

From November 22nd until December 8th, all originals, stickers, buttons and shirts on my Etsy store are 50% off! I'm making room in the inventory, getting the work out to new homes, and raising money for good causes with this holiday sale. Check out the goods here.


Patience. That’s the mantra of late. Maybe it’s the characteristic that has defined the better parts of my life to date. Fly fishing, especially for steelhead, muskie and other “unicorn” type fish really embodies the essence of patience. Starting at the top of a run, making your cast, mend, swing and then repeating the method... Continue Reading →

Crash Course

I'm extremely fortunate to share many of my adventures & projects with great friends. “The Crash” has come to signify that sense of fortune for me. Eternal gratitude to my good buddies Kyle Zempel, Brian Koll and T.C. Worley for sharing this experience with me. TC did an amazing job filming everything, and once again Kyle... Continue Reading →

25% off all art and merch!

My 25% off sale on Etsy starts today and runs through 8/24/19. This includes all originals, stickers and buttons. Click here to shop. 25% of the money made will be donated to Save Bristol Bay  as part of the AFFTA's Day for Bristol Bay campaign. It's a great to get some rad art and contribute... Continue Reading →


The end of Winter and the whole of Spring went fast. Maybe too fast. The first half of Summer has been no different.  It has been punctuated by some life/career changes for the family, building of friendships, and the shuffling of other relationships as I grow older, shoulder new responsibility and reevaluate who I am... Continue Reading →

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