I grew up splitting my time fishing on the Mississippi River and bowhunting for deer in central MN, while spending time indoors drawing dragons, comic characters, and fantasy/sci-fi worlds while listening to a rotation of heavy metal cassette tapes with my brother.  I’ve taken a professional route that led me through teaching, e-commerce and eventually into marketing.  My day job is heading up Marketing for BSG and Rahr – not a bad way to make a living. More about that here.

I have an MFA in painting and drawing from the University or Wisconsin-Madison, and an undergraduate degree from Macalester with a major in Studio Art and a minor in Religious Studies.  My work has been shown all over the U.S. and has been used by outdoor apparel and gear companies like Simms and Patagonia.  I’m active in conservation and advocacy efforts involving clean water, public lands, and positive community building; I use my art to not only raise awareness about these issues, but also raise money by donating at least 30% of the revenue made from my art to various organizations fighting for clean water and environmental protection.

The work itself spans my life as an artist and fisherman, exploring the intersection of the intangible and almost spiritual qualities of fly fishing, and the emotional power of primordial nature and a good riff.  The work acts as an expression of something that should evoke a sense of wonder, fright, excitement and pure energy that comes from time spent interacting with fish through line and rod, all while submerged in the places these dragons and beasts roam.  

Cheers and tight lines.

Sales Inquires

Originals are available on my Etsy shop.  I also do commissions; time permitting and if the subject matter is compelling – email inquires to: 20acrecarcass@gmail.com.

Last updated: 8.10.20
All views and materials expressed and used on the site are property of Jake Keeler, and do not reflect the views and/or positions of anyone else but Jake Keeler.

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  1. Jake – all the best to you. Just heard that you have gone in a new direction and was saddened before seeing this blog and realizing that you are still all good.

    NB was lucky to have your leadership…best of luck to you in all you do.

    1. I’m bummed to hear the news as well. I religiously watched every episode of BTV once I bought appletv and figured out I can stream them to my TV. You’ve given many people much insight into recipes,techniques, and the homebrewing world in general. Best wishes to future endeavors

  2. Really bummed to hear that you’ll no longer be with BTV.

    I know you always pleaded for someone to guide you guys fishing one day. If you’re ever in Upstate NY I’ll be more than happy to row you guys down the Upper Delaware River, which is probably the best fly fishing east of the Rockies.

    Hope the best for you and Mike.

  3. A friend turned me on to BTV and I couldn’t stop watching it. As I started to catch up on the espiodes, I realized that you and Dawson were missing. It is sad to see you guys go, but you, Dawson and Chip inspired me to get into homebrewing. Thank you, Cobra!!! 😉 Take Care.

  4. Good to see you and Dawson alive and kicking on the inter webs. You guy’s’ll be missed on BTV episodes for sure. Sláinte!

  5. Brewing TV has already taken a turn for the worse. They had the president of NB touring the hop factory, very boring. Sad to see you both leave I really enjoyed each episode and learned alot.

  6. Going to miss the Cobra and BTV. You guys were the three amigo’s of the homebrewing world. I give you three credit for me diving headfirst into the deep end of brewing. If your ever up for some alaskan fishing let me know! Cheers to bigger and better things.


  7. Oh man, so excited to find this as well as Michael’s blog and Chip’s Chop & Brew. Used to brew quite a bit when Brewing TV was rolling. Kept giving me cool ideas for brewing and even pushed me to make the jump from extract to all grain. Sadly, since it ended, I haven’t had as much inspiration (along with a lack of time) to brew as much. Now that I have found you guys, I’m probably going to start finding stuff that I just have to try again.

  8. Enjoyed your interview on beersmith.com re BIAB brewing. Just did my first ever brew today (using this method) and appreciated your insight about the advantages of this method. I see you’re into muskies! Ever caught one? Growing up in MN I saw a few but never managed to land one. The trout we grow out here in Colorado aren’t nearly so big, but make up for it in other ways. Time for a trip to the Rio Grande.

  9. Hi Jake,
    I’m the gallery director at Lanesboro Arts in Lanesboro, MN We are a very well known and busy non profit gallery. you’re work is fantastic. We are having a jury for our annual exhibition calendar for 2020 in January. The timing is great if you are interested in an exhibition here. you can also apply to our sales gallery if you like. Check us out at http://www.lanesboroarts.org go to artist opportunities, click on one or both of the two galleries, and apply soon. If you have any questions please contact me at gallery@lanesboroarts.org thank so much. Also Steve from root rive rod company here in town is a big fan of yours and showed me your work. all the best, Robbie
    Robbie Brokken/ Gallery Director

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