A Path Set Forth

Step, cast, swing…repeat. No idea if I’ll get a grab, or simple practice my form. Either fate is fitting. | Photo: Water Sabbath

Water Sabbath is out of our heads and officially in that never-ending mess of “making”. We’ve begun filming, we’re making art, we’re off and running with the idea. Someone this past weekend asked, “so…what is this Water Sabbath thing?”, my response was and is, “I’m not sure yet…but it has me stoked.”

Sometimes you have to throw yourself into something without seeing the bottom. Without seeing what the end result might be. Mike and I have been kicking this idea around for while. It started when we were both in need of a renewed creative outlet and direction, and some-thing to act as a counterbalance to the daily grind of work. Mike offered the name, and I was instantly in love with it. Covid-era hit and we put the idea on ice a bit as we both adjusted to the new reality. During that time, he shot some film, I sketched out some ideas, and we stayed in touch knowing that we would revive the colab and hit the ground running at some point.

Then indeed we did. We set out to film the first part of a film for Water Sabbath on the Bois Brule in WI. We got footage, we caught some steelhead, we searched out some answers to life and the fire for the project intensified. Things are happening.

Working in progress

I’m back in the studio now, creating art inspired by the filming and time on the river. We’ve got a series of other shoots, scenes, dialogue and narratives penciled in for the next 6 months. We have enough of a plan to give us guideposts to drive progress onward, but generously spaced apart to leave room to allow the idea to emerge on its own. Water Sabbath will tell us what it wants to be; not the other way around.

The unknown is a very special place. The instinct may be to avoid it as much as possible, but in this case, it gives me a sense of purpose and it reminds me that it should more often be welcomed; invited even. I feel right at home. With so much in life being rigid asking us to conform to a way of living, a way of thinking, and a way of constructing our reality, we need more of Water Sabbath.

I’ll be devoting my creative output to this project for the next 12 months at least, perhaps longer. Follow our progress on Instagram for now: @watersabbath

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  One thought on “A Path Set Forth

  1. Rey
    May 11, 2021 at 12:59 am

    Everything in nature is perfect. The sticks and the rocks and the ripples are all right where they belong. Thank you for sharing.

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