Act Natural

Installation piece from 2012 – 8 years later, this is the vibe.

So much uncertainty.

I’m not immune to it; none of us are.  But I’m careful to not become entangled in the pursuit of creating certainty and control where chaos is the dominating factor. In my mind, this pursuit encourages one to succumb to fear, worse-case scenarios and playing to “not lose”. 

When it comes to making art, I have always embraced chaos.  It has been a mirror to me.  Not to show me the way, or reflect myself, but to offer a perspective; to remind me that we share blood, and that it’s always better to embrace who you are vs. spending your days fighting your nature.

The trick is leaning into the chaos.  Draw from its’ power and energy, capture it, and have it inform and shape those next steps.

For me, this requires self-awareness and naked omission that at the end of the day, I was never in control.  I was just making sense of the variables and making sure my construct of reality doesn’t come crashing down on my evening plans.  It takes courage.  Courage to look past the fear, past the uncertainty.  To this end, I turn to art, as I always have.

Art becomes the vehicle by which I reconnect with self, and the process of making becomes the process of discovery and navigation. Art is the math to unlocking the structure within chaos; it won’t be found anywhere else.

As Aesop Rock dropped, “act natural…whatever that means for ya’…whatever that means for ya’…whatever that means for ya’.”





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