Lock down & look ahead…

Been a while. Needless to say I guess, but my plans for 2020 have been thrown out and the past months have been spent reassessing life, art, fishing..everything. I’m sure it’s not too different from what y’all are going through. During this time I did manage to finish a handful of works, get some prints made and get out on water; things are still chugging along.

I finished the works below, and have prints of some of them now available on my Etsy page. I’ve priced them to cover my costs of production and shipping, make a little bit of money, but ultimately get something of really high quality into more hands.

I have to say, I was very impressed with the quality when I got my hands on them. They’re Giclee prints, and are all mounted on a thin back gator-board – which is say they will last along time, they are durable, and they look fantastic.

The Mystery of Chessboxin’ | 2020 | 24″ x 24″ | Pen and ink on wood panel

The Riddle of Steel | 2020 | 24″ x 24″ | Pen and ink on wood panel

Phase Mage | 2020 | 24″ x 24″ | Pen and ink on wood panel

The Fall | 2019 | 24″ x 24″ | Pen and ink on wood panel

Beyond get some new works done, up, out, and in print (a first really), I’ve managed to fish a good deal; the time on the water has been clutch right now.

To close, I’m entering into a new project – the days, months and years ahead present challenge and opportunity.  It’s going to test resolve and make me question what is really important as an artist; the end result could be pretty bitchin’, only time will tell how it all unfolds, but it’s safe to say that a growing sentiment that I need to push further now has a road to follow. Time for me to step up or sit down and shut up.



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