Party over here, I’ll be over there..because I know why.

It’s 2020.

As I stare down another rotation around the sun, it occurs to me I may have lost track of something…

Why am I doing what I’m doing? What is my purpose?  Nah mean?  Started losing the story-arc and got caught up in the details.

How something gets done is just steps, tumbles, trips and dashes to cross the finish line. One can execute these moves expertly, efficiently, poorly, half-ass, with deliberation or crammed together in a procrastinated scramble.

Image courtesy of The Flyfish Journal

That how” starts to be a drag if one doesn’t know why they are sacrificing the blood, sweat and tears.  It can run people down, it can burn them out, and can turn them off. Give people purpose, give them a why” that they can get behind and you can charge hills for days.  One can accept defeats and challenges along the way of achieving something that gives them something real.

Just bumps along the road worth traveling.

3 guys, a video camera, some mics and plenty of homebrew

When I was making Brewing TV with my co-producers Chip Walton and Michael Dawson, we asked the question “why” every minute along that journey.  The ethos of the production was,  “focus on the why, not the how”.  We took our approach to our work and turned it into a northern star to guide our content, tone, narrative style and overall vibe of the show. It worked.  People dug it.

Fast forward to 2020 where this method of approach has become my lost modus operandi. Not sure how that slipped through my fingers. Time for me find that purpose again.

Time to focus on the why, and not the how.



5 thoughts on “Why?

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  1. I was a huge fan of Btv back in the day and I still watch them from time to time. With this post I now know what made that show so great. It WAS about the “why.” I was always learning at the time so it really was a “how” show for me as well but now that I’ve been brewing for good spell I can take a step back and realize it was written for the “why.” IDK, I just think that’s cool.

    I also really appreciate the idea behind living for the why instead of the how. It’s so easy to get caught up in the, “how am I going to get this done” or “how will it work out?” stuff in life you lose track of what your “why” is. So thanks for a new way to look at this as we start a new decade. Cheers, Keeler and happy new year.

  2. I have to admit, I have gotten a bit lost in both the how and the why lately, on many topics and issues. And I have been thinking about and talking them over with myself over the past week. I needed to see this today. I miss you as a leader, boss and big brother, Ghost Face Keeler.

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