Thank You

Thanks to everyone that spent a bit of their hard-earned cash-money on my art these past few weeks during my 50% off Holiday sale. Some art will have forever homes, and some stickers will adorn fly boxes, drift boats, tying desks and sketchy dive-bar bathrooms in 2020 and beyond.

On top of this, and the really cool part, is that this enables me to take those sales and translate them into monetary donations to the causes near and dear to my heart. So thanks to you all, we’re sending some support along to the following organizations to help them do good work in the world.

I have to thank everyone that has purchased work through-out 2019 as well – your purchases help me do what I do, and at least 30% of those dollars you spend end up in the hands of organizations like the ones above.  Many thanks.

There is not much in life that fills me with a sense of purpose and accomplishment like this.  Using my art to bring some joy into someone’s life, as well as a vehicle for fundraising is an amazing thing that I do not take for granted.

Cheers to 2019 and cheers to 2020 – be the change you want to see in the world!


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