7 Years

I was reminded this morning of a mural I completed 7 years ago.

I did a series of large fish at local breweries when I was in-between jobs. I hadn’t done any murals for many years, and I was just starting to establish my new body of work. At the time, it felt risky as an artist, not to mention it was coupled with job hunting.

This specific mural can no longer be seen, but some still exist, like the bearded gar at Dangerous Man Brewing; a monument on the roadmap of my life.

In hindsight, I was forcing myself to do something different, something big and something a bit ambitious. I needed to prove to myself that I had the skill, discipline and experience to achieve new goals.

It worked – eventually I landed at Brewers Supply Group, Inc. and I’ve pushed myself as an artist ever since.

As I enjoy my morning coffee and ruminate on this experience, 7 years past, it strikes me that there will always be “valleys” in ones professional, personal and/or creative endeavors. Sometimes the best medicine to kick-start ones engine can be big and perhaps audacious projects – aim high and take a chance.

Whether these projects result in success or failure is secondary to what we learn along the way towards growth. They teach us to believe in ourselves.

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