The Fall | 2019 | 24″ x 24″ | Pen and inks on wood panel.


That’s the mantra of late. Maybe it’s the characteristic that has defined the better parts of my life to date. Fly fishing, especially for steelhead, muskie and other “unicorn” type fish really embodies the essence of patience. Starting at the top of a run, making your cast, mend, swing and then repeating the method after two small steps forces one to focus on the details…and to get lost in the moment. Before too long the day is gone and maybe you got a grab, maybe nothing, and that’s fine. You’ll stick one eventually.

The best things in life don’t come quick, they don’t come easy; they require patience as the entry fee to play.

Finding the slow and steady cadence on the Bois Brule River.

Swinging a favorite run we call “Led Zeppelin” and connecting with a gorgeous Lake Superior buck this Fall. A fleeting moment cemented into the soul.



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