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Creator/Destroyer – revisited 2 | 2019 | 24″ x 24″ | Pen, ink and acrylic on wood

Holy moly…haven’t laid down some words and images here in a good bit.  I’ve been busy making work and getting “stuff” lined up.

Creator/Destroyer – revisited 1 | 2019 | 24″ x 24″ | Pen, ink and acrylic on wood

I banged out a new body of work which incorporates some of my favorite fish and subject matter, but utilizes acrylics in a new an exciting way to help contrasts the more organic feel and lines of my pen and ink marks.  I’m digging how it all came together, but I may switch things up for a little while and focus on some pen and ink for while; I find that switch-up important in keeping my engagement levels tuned for art-making.

Necromancer of Gifts | 2019 | 12″ x 12″ | Pen and ink on wood

Carcass | 2019 | 22″ x 8″ | Pen acrylic on wood.

Demon of the Fall I 2019 | 24″ x 18″ | Pen, ink and acrylic on wood

I’m also coming off another successful Great Waters Fly Expo with my mates in the MN Fly Fishing Artist group.  Great times showing these new works to a crowd of like-minded fly fishing weirdos.  Love that show; already looking forward to 2020.

In a couple weeks I’ll be heading over to my second home – the Madison area of Wisconsin.  I’ll be joining my buddy Kyle Zemple of Black Earth Angling for the next installment of Drinking with Scissors – if you’re in the area come on by and let’s hang!

Lastly, I’ve added some items to my Etsy store (buttons and some new works) and I’m working on bringing back my Society 6 page so I can offer prints and reproductions of my work at affordable prices – more on that in the weeks to come.




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