Spirit Beasts and a new path…


Spirit Beasts (Andre’s GT) | 2018 | 30″ x 22″ | Pen, ink and copic on paper

I finally completed the piece that helped break a creative stagnation.  The piece, Spirit Beasts (Andre’s GT), is actually the second version I created for Andre Van Wyck.  The first was in the vein of my works from the last 3 or 4 years; seemed solid when it began.  Eventually, I came to the conclusion that it just didn’t “feel right”. It was telling me to back up, observe, and think…

Maybe it was the colors, maybe it was the composition, maybe it was the lines – it doesn’t really matter.  I knew it was giving me a choice to change directions and start fresh.  The commission had been going on for a bit, due to limited time in the studio, so it was a big ask to go to Andre and get his blessing to start over.

I explained why I wanted to start over, and he obliged – supporting me to explore my work in a new vein, and to use his piece as the vehicle to launch the adventure.

Long story short, I’m stoked how it turned out and it’s spurring on a renewed vigor towards my art making.

The future looks good…


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