Crash Camp 2018

All photos courtesy Kyle Zemple Photography

Crash Camp 2018.  What can I say?

It started years ago when I started seeing some fishing vids on social media covering what some guy was calling “The Crash”. I couldn’t quite place what I was seeing; I’d never seen smallmouth act like they were in these vids, and in my experience fishing the Wisconsin River, I had never run into The Crash.  What was this thing?

Eventually, through fishy circles and events I met Kyle Zemple of Black Earth Angling Co., the man behind The Crash.  We hit it off right away. He showed me more video, more photos and laid out a pretty enticing prospect.  I had the postcard and the info about “Crash Camp”, a one or two night program sleeping on islands and fishing the prime time slots and crash joints while Kyle and crew tend to the guiding, cooking and hospitality.  It sounded amazing.

It was always on my to-do list, but I always found excuses not to go.  Then my buddy Professor Cheeseburger (real name Brian Koll, long time fishing bud) attended Crash Camp in the summer of 17′.  He hit me up and we hatched a plan for the two night program in a prime time slot with Kyle.  Plans were solidified, deposits were made and we were tying Crease flies in anticipation.

I still can’t accurately describe how f’ing rad it was.  Unlike any smallie fishing I’ver ever seen. Truly unique, truly world class. On top of all, Kyle is so dialed in; and you need that on the LWR if your going to be successful.  He will put you on fish.  Round that out with a really great crew of people, and Kyle’s positive and infectious character, and it’s a recipe for bitchin’.

I’m all in for next Summer.  We’re gonna bring a bigger crew.  I’ll let these photos that Kyle took and shared with us tell the rest of the story…cheers!

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