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Long time no rap about art.

I’ve been busy the last 8-12 months with work, family, fishing and life in general.  All great, all fulfilling and all to be continued.

As I’ve had time to step away from art-making, being an artist and generally thinking about my work, it’s given me some perspective on where I’d like to go and how I’d like to progress as an artist.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to limit myself in order to grow and evolve.  Through out my art-making career I’ve aspired to reduce my palette to black, white and the areas in between.  I’ve always thought this was some kind of logical conclusion once subject matter, surfaces, and general themes had been sorted out.

Well, I’m going to give that a try.  For the next 12 months (at least) I will work with a limited array of materials and media – what you see above is what I’ll employ.  I’ll stick with paper and wood panels as surfaces; no need to change that beat.  Subject matter will still be skulls, bones, necromancers, fish, more fish…but it will take on a darker, more moody and sometimes more gnarly vibe.   It’s what I’m feeling right now and that needs to get expressed via my art.

I’ve even put aside about a half dozen works in progress that don’t fit into the criteria, and I’m going to start over on a larger commission (this was pretty much the last decision before I could take this step).  The commissioned piece will be better for it, and I’m not closing the door on finishing the other works some time down the road.

I have no hesitations about this move.  In fact, it has me excited in a way that I have not felt some a very long time.

Along with this I’m putting a moratorium on private commissions and most commercial commissions. I need to make work for myself right now.

So that’s it.  My new jam.  Cheers to the next 12 months of seeing where this goes.


  One thought on “The New Jam

  1. July 14, 2018 at 7:04 pm

    Dig the new direction! Grayscales will certainly deepen the mood of your work. Lookin’ forward to what comes out of it.

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