On a commission kick/need to make a mess

Steelhead: Brule River 2 | 2018 | 11.5″ x 6″ | Pen and ink on paper.

I cranked out some quick steelhead works as a part of the fundraising efforts for the Brule River Rats Stewardship Councils GoFundMe page. We posted the “steelhead sketch” by Jake Keeler at $300 and it was quickly picked up – which was awesome, and humbling.  All part of doing what I can as an artist to help a worthy cause.

I decided to make two – why not?  Both are being sent off to the donor tomorrow.

Steelhead: Brule River 1 | 2018 | 11.5″ x 6″ | Pen and ink on paper.

I made these quick, without fuss and with raw energy.  They’re a bit loose, a bit messy and a bit of what I need right now art-wise.

They are a perfect shot in the arm to help me finish a handful of neglected commissions, wrap up some other works in progress, and then perhaps shift gears to working on paper; more messy, more quickly and more free-wheeling.

They’re what I should work towards as I map out my spring and summer.

Happy making amigos.


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