Finding balance

Original posted on my Facebook and Instagram feeds on 12/4
Like some of you, I’ve been feeling enraged by a seemingly unending series of “wtf is wrong with our president, government, society…where the fuck is our heart and soul?”.
In times when I cannot find the right sequence of words, I seek refuge and guidance towards action in the things that matter to me the most; family, friendship, art (making stuff!), and fishing (being outside essentially). So I thought of yesterday.

A day spent fishing with three great humans, on new water and landing one of the most gorgeous browns of my life. It took a fly that I had tied and as fortune seemed to favor me, the pattern fished well all day. So I took to the vise this eve and cranked out a prototype “upgrade” to the pattern that I thought would be killer for big browns and smallies alike. The pattern came quick, the bobbin moved with purpose and in the end I tied a nice fly; it’ll fish for sure.
The process brought me back to peace. It centered my thoughts and emotions. Perhaps it’s just for the moment, but it’s peace none the less.
This pic by my bud Aaron Przybylski from our outing the other day captures that sense of centeredness. A “day-maker” brought to hand, netted by a good buddy. A shared experience etched into memories. A reminder that it’s always best to work towards something, not against something.
Peace be with you all, and may you find purpose and draw power from the things you love.

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