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Doing it again. The fight goes on.  To be sure, since I last did this the picture hasn’t become better…in fact I would argue it has gotten worse. I could do a deep-dive into my feelings and opinions about our current administration, it’s cabinet, and general state of affairs in America right now – believe me, I have drafted post after post and each time my words look back at me empty, and inadequate.

But I’m an optimist and doer at the core of my soul – when I get angry, when I feel challenged, my instinct is to get to work; turn that anger into something constructive. I made a plan and I’m sticking to it.

Through the month of October, all works and merchandise listed on my Etsy page will be 50% off, as will any work sold in person or commissions taken. Subsequently, 100% of the money made from this sale will be donated to three orgs currently fighting for clean water, environmental stewardship, empowerment through the outdoors, and/or push back against ill-conceived mining projects.

Use promo code GET50GIVE100 on Etsy and keep an eye on an announcement for a one day/night pop-up show of my work somewhere in the Twin Cities’ MN area in October – date and location TBD. I’m giving a healthy heads-up so people can peep work, save some moola, and be prepared.

Here’s a link to my Etsy page: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JakeKeeler

Here are the places, orgs and causes where my (our!) efforts will impact:

1. Save the Bristol Bay – No Pebble Mine
The Pebble Mine has been thrust back onto the table – the fight is not over. In a way, this particular place and issue has become a rally cry from anglers, hunters, outdoors folk, and economies based on sustainable harvest practices, outdoors tourism, and local economies. I’ve never been there, but it’s on my short list – Alaska in general, and other places further afield mean as much to me as the Vermillion River just 15 miles away from my front door.

2. Sportsmen for Boundary Waters – fighting a mine, and protecting a special place for all.
From their site, “The Wilderness that supports world-class remote angling and hunting adventures for sportsmen and women like you is threatened by sulfide-ore copper mining. This toxic mining practice would harm productive habitats that support fish and game.” Some MN politicians, Emmer and Nolan (both sides of aisle) are trying to fast track this mine; it is critical to fight back.

3. Soul River Inc – protecting our wild places isn’t a given – we need to teach our youth to appreciate it’s power. From their site: “We are a nonprofit 501 c3 focus on bringing veterans as mentors and inner city youth together into the wild rivers of nature inspiring the youth by becoming a guardian, teacher or role model as an act of service into the outdoors. The hope is that it encourages youth participants to grow and become ambassadors of our natural environment.”

It’s a chance to get a screaming deal on some original art, while contributing to critical efforts.

Cheers everyone

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