Freshwater drum on my “local” river

2 sessions in the last 5 days on rivers that are quickly becoming favorites of mine.

One stretch of river being famliar territory for browns and brook trout of respectable caliber and the other being a familiar river, yet new stretch. This new stretch has promise. Some solid smallmouth and a few drums (sheepshead) with the chance for various suckers, walleyes, catfish and even some browns (two spotted) roaming near a spring creek confluence.

Greedy side channel

As the Summer winds down, and we experience some unseasonably cool days for August here in MN, the mind and body begin to shift; Fall is very close, and with that transition renewed energy and focus is emerging.

I’ve also been making measurable progress on new works and feeling extremely excited about how they are developing.

Things are shifting. Shifting in a good way.

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