Studio Notes #1

Plenty of pens, pencils, paints and surfaces. No excuses.

Part of a healthy artistic practice is keeping notes, facilitating feedback/criticism, employing a sketch book and staying constantly aware and curious.

One cannot always be working on an epic masterpiece, or putting the final touches on a body of work; the grind is in the weeds much of the time, and many times those weeds are compelling in their own right.

To that topic, exposure via the internet has become a tool for artists to test ideas, gather feedback and garner some encouragement from time to time by sharing their WIP’s (works in progress), and sharing images capturing their practice  and process. Think of it as a digital studio visit, open to the public (or a portion of) and capable of serving the artist as a forum and creative outlet.

A trio of smallie pieces to be tended to.

It then dawned on me that my blog would be a good place to record more of what happens in the weeds, along with serving as a platform for more significant items. More insights and studio visits that go beyond a single WIP image on Instagram.

So….here is the first installment of “Studio Notes”.

I hope to share many more.

Right now I’m sorting through the logistics of how best to tackle about a dozen works that are in various stages of being done. Some are close to the finishing line, some are just pencil sketches on a surface, and others are in that unenviable position of being at a crossroads.

One in the middle…

The ones near the end and the ones just starting usually get my attention; they’re simply more compelling. The ones in the middle, they tend to languish due to indecision and lack of attention. But arguably they are the ones most in need.

Bucket full of top water salad

I’ve got plenty of family activities and errands this weekend, but I hope to poke away in the studio a bit. I even got out last night to my local spot and hit some bass with poppers…so that itch has been a scratched, leaving me with more headspace for art.

Maybe I’ll spend time with the needy ones.



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