Make The Lightning

42 of 100 – sketches for a promo with The Fly Fish Journal

Hola Amigos!

Been a while since I rapped at ya.

Been a while since a lot of things.  Life has been moving, no doubt about that.  Some art and some fishing has happened, as well as some cool projects like this one with Fly Lords., and a contribution to the Reel Service Project from Vedavoo.

But on the whole, I’ve been feeling that malaise…that all too easy state of complacency that shares company with streaming services, regret from reading the comments on social media, and falling back on a belief that I have limited capacity.  Essentially, being lazy.

My normal and first reaction is to believe that this is a “period of rest”, and this much-needed downtime will restore motivation, passion and energy. Then, a ways down that path it’s clear that this it’s simply complacency – and that’s always been the case and it always will be. How many times can one fall into these ruts and downturns and not learn from them?  Probably a lot.  In fact, I’d venture to guess it’s what keeps a lot of folks from doing more, doing better, and doing right by realizing their dreams.

Flylords smallie

Sure, you can get some lousy cards dealt, and shit can and does hit the fan for us all in some capacity.  But when you put that aside for a minute, what are you left with? For myself, the biggest potential ampendament then becomes me.

It’s my own lack of vision, ambition, motivation and fortitude to drive forward.

I’m talking about being an artist. Really being an artist.

And let me tell you, I’m tired of “figuring that out” and then going through some multi-year cycle of creative and artistic growth and output. I want to feel that high frequency of being an artist and knowing it feels right, true and worthwhile.

Leave me alone, I’m resting up for the big push!

I assume that’s part of the ebb and the flow.  If I’m realistic, I would endeavor to mitigate the lows and slow downs, or, make sure those lows and slow downs serve a constructive purpose.

So it’s time to make the lightning because just riding it relies on the storms to build and unload. I don’t want to wait around for that energy.

Grind it out people. Make it happen. Create a storm. Because WE are our own best inspiration and drivers.



  One thought on “Make The Lightning

  1. July 15, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    Damn. You’ve summed up my state of being perfectly. “That malaise…” I’m stuck deep in the mud too so thanks for the kick in the shorts. Time to go make some sparks.

    Good luck!

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