GET20GIVE100 – one week left!

Queen of Days | 2013 | 12" x 8" | Pen and ink on paper |

Queen of Days | 2013 | 12″ x 8″ | Pen and ink on paper 

One week left to get 20% off my art. One week left to have 100% of that sale go to organizations fighting to protect clean water and our environment. Through these sales so far, we’ve raised almost $3000 for 10 different orgs!

Since starting the #get20give100 campaign on February 1st, things haven’t gotten any better for environmental protections here in the U.S. Let’s be honest – we may be facing some of the greatest threats we’ve ever seen.

If you are in the market for art, or have been eyeing up a particular piece for while, then get that 20% off and do some good in the process.

Get on it, shop here, and make sure to use the code: GET20GIVE100

At the beginning of March, I will tally the total and announce the the total donations. I will make said donations (divided equally) to the 10 orgs, and provide evidence of each respective donation the best I can.

Also, after this campaign I will still donate 30% for every sale to the 10 orgs – I’m committed to this effort for the long run.

Thanks to everyone that picked up a piece, and thanks to everyone for their continued support, and thanks for supporting the orgs below!

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