2016 – Gratitude & Excitement



First off, thank you for the support and interest in 2016 and every year prior; knowing that there are people out in the world that dig what I’m doing motivates me and helps keep the fire burning.  Cheers.

Second, a special thank you to a few companies and organizations for including me in their 2016 activities and output.

My Rollingstone

My Rollingstone

The Fly Fish Journal hit it out of the park with my feature at the turn of the year and they continue to promote my work for which I am very grateful. Working with Steve and Copi was/is a gratifying experience; I can’t speak higher of that crew for their professionalism, creativity, and general radness.  It was also a chance to work with my close friends Greg Fitz (who penned the write up) and Robert Hawkins (who shot some pics) and Mike Thienes who shot a video about me/my work for BMFS which was also used in social channels.  All around it was probably my favorite artistic experience, ever. No joke.

Thanks as well to Vagabond Fly Fishing, Fin Chaser Magazine, and This is Fly for their features on my work.  So humbled to have people from around the world tap into what I’m doing, make connections, and share the excitement and passion for fly fishing and all the rad vibes that surround it.

Feature in This Is Fly

Feature in This Is Fly

I had the pleasure to work with both Patagonia and Simms in 2016.  I cannot express how cool it is for a fly fisherman to see their work on the back of Patty shirt, or to log into the Simms Pro site and see your art on the homepage.  Humbling….and rad!  Both Patagonia and Simms have new threads featuring my work for sale…so cop one if you’re inclined.

Pro Series t-shirt for Simms. Summer 2017.

Pro Series t-shirt for Simms. Summer 2017.

Patagonia's latest -

Patagonia’s latest – just dropped to close out 2016!

I got to work with Fulton, Rahr Corp. and Friends of the Mississippi River in the Great River, Great Beer project.  We’re still selling tees, and rumor has it that the beer (72 Stretch) may be seeing a second life in the near future…


I finally started selling my work in 2016.  The Etsy shop is up and running and in 2016, through the sales we’ve raised over $300 for organizations working to protect the environment!  So, that’s pretty rad and I very much look forward to donating at least 30% of every sale in 2017 and beyond.  Let’s multiple that money 10x!



Lastly, I owe this all to my family for supporting me all these years, and being the foundation of who I am.  In many ways, making good on the investments they have made in me fills me with a sense of purpose and success.

So yeah…2016 was pretty rad and it felt like a solid FIRST step in many more to come.  I think 2017 is going to be full of opportunity and excitement.  I hope you are ending the year on a high note and have a safe and fun New Year’s.

Cheers Humanoids!


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