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I used to sell my work.  I made some money; sometimes good, sometimes just enough to cover my overhead costs.  When I started creating work in earnest about 4 years ago after a small hiatus of serious production, the thought of actively pursuing sales didn’t interest me. I tried selling prints through a third party, and although the service and quality was great, I never felt 100% committed to the endeavor…so I stopped. I was content to focus on the work itself and share it with other via social media and my website.

Over those years I did sell a couple works/image rights, and here and there I made a little cash.  It never sparked a desire to get paid though.

The requests for commissioned work, or to buy my work kept rolling in (to which I am humbled and thankful!), but again, it never prompted me to take that step along a more entrepreneurial path.

But then something happened.  It was probably a few things happening around the same time.  Hindsight will likely produce an epic narrative…

So here I am, ready to sell my work. Check it out.

At least 30% of the revenue made from every sale will be donated to environmental causes I believe in.  I’ll be offering stickers, t-shirts and other items alongside originals as the journey progresses.  I will try to show my work more often.  I will take commissions (pending availability of time and project perimeters).

Cheers Humanoids,






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