Great River Great Beer


A Summer float down the Mississippi for smallies on Fitz’s drifty.

I spent the bulk of yesterday exploring and fishing the waters of my childhood; The Mississippi River.

The pools and riffles around the Sauk Rapids and St. Cloud area were a bike ride away for me and my brother. We encountered smallies, pike, walleyes, carp, turtles, frogs, crayfish, catfish, and a gazillion different bugs.  I even saw a Muskie come out below the 10th street dam once.

This river is full of life.

It was my favorite place to be as a kid. In many ways, it still is.


A healthy smallmouth from the pools and riffles in Sauk Rapids

I love the Mississippi River, and I hope that 30 years from now I can come back with my son and explore these same waters and say it’s the same, maybe even better. As fisherman, we all know that protecting the waters is critical to the lifestyle and activity we cherish, promote and pass along to others.  Many of us volunteer, an some dedicate their lives to protecting these resources.  We can’t all be champions, but we can at least do the little things that add up.

Get one. Do good.

Get one. Do good.

I’m gonna keep fishing, making art, and in small ways do what I can to fight the good fight.  I’m teaming up with Fulton Beer, Rahr Corporation, Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop and Friends of The Mississippi River on a super rad project.  We’re raising awareness and action for clean water on the Mississippi via beer – the idea is simple, you can’t make great beer without great water.

To learn more about this project, the collaboration beer, and how to get a bitchin’ tee, visit the site:  GreatRiverGreatBeer

And while you’re at it, if you find yourself on the Mississippi river – take pic, tell everyone why you love the river, and tag it #greatrivergreatbeer.

Sometimes the smallest of efforts can have major impact.

Cheers amigos.


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