The weather is great for trout fishing right now.  That’s swell.  All I can really think about is Bass though; smallmouths & largemouths.  They’re everywhere in MN, and they’re a ton of fun to fish for. I’ve always loved fishing for, and learning about smallmouth, but I’ve always dismissed largemouth; likely a result of the smalljaws superior fighting abilities, and the water they inhabit.  They’re more my style.  But, a bass is a bass right?

Bass of the Past

Largemouth are fun and willing.  Seeing a bruiser crush a big popper on a Summer evening is pretty fucking cool.  I’ve had a few outings over the last couple of years on lakes where largemouth reign. It would have been irresponsible of me to not throw poppers and gaudy patterns to them.  It taught me to respect the largemouths and the water they live in.  I’m genuinely stoked to chase them this Summer.

Now that I live near equal parts largemouth water and smallie water, I can embrace them both.  And I will.  So, this is my year of Bass, I think.  To top it off, I’ve been cranking out bassy drawings lately.  It’s a thing I guess.  Cool with me.

Necromancers of Bass