Fishing is Cool

Stalking tailing redfish in Northern FL. Photo; Capt. Rich Santos

Stalking tailing redfish in Northern FL. Photo: Capt. Rich Santos

I posted this to my personal FB page the other day, and I thought it was worth repeating on my blog.  *it’s been updated…

The gift of fishing: my dad calls me. He wants to know about my day of fishing with a guide in FL this past weekend; I recount every fish and pertinent detail. We then turn to his recent trip to the Rainy River – temps were up so they fished the lake, walleyes were caught regardless. Smallies were around, but the wind kept him from breaking out the 8 weight. He then asked if I wanted to hunt for muskies on Minnetonka this weekend…had to pass, but we’ll look ahead to the next outing as long as the water is open.

I’m forever grateful that both my pops and mom instilled a love for the outdoors and fishing in me, and my brother.

38 years on this earth and fishing is still a current that connects me to family and close friends…that’s some pretty cool shit.

*My dad called me tonight to report on his muskie excursion…he had a 48 incher follow, and snub his fly.  I continue to contend that fishing is some pretty cool shit.


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