A Chrome to Red Fall

Gator Smallie in the works

September has come and the leaves are already falling.  Temps will start pushing down tomorrow, so a trip to fish pike, smallies, and muskie on Mille Lacs is in order; truth be told it’s long overdue and Labor Day offered the only window.  Sometimes things align. Wish this punter luck…

The atmosphere is shifting quickly to the short window or excellent fishing here in MN.  It’s going to be a battle of work travel vs. fishing excursions, with all the usually duties of the good life at play.  I’ll get my chances on the water, and in the studio.

The studio is bumping, and jaunts on the jet-planes offer plenty of sketchbook time.  I’m guessing my subjects will follow the fish I hope to chase this Fall –  Steelhead for a few days on the Brule, a day of Redfish in Jacksonville, Brown Trout here or there, most definitely some Bronzebacks on the Mississippi and if all goes well the iridescent greens of MN’s apex predator…but I will settle for plenty of greens in the Pikerel color-range.

My favorite season.

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