Love Me Some Deadlines

My Summer in art has been defined by laboring away at some new works, and thinking a lot about how art has ebbed and flowed in my life. It’s always been there, but I don’t think it’s ever felt as right as it does now. It has me excited about what art is to me, and where it’s going, in a way that I’ve never felt.

I’ve got some cool things cooking…it’s some bitchin’ stuff; that’s all I can divulge right now. At least 3 projects over the next year and a half or so that I’m super stoked on. The deadlines are keeping me on track.

For the last 3 years, I can feel a steady stream of ideas and work keeping me occupied, and happy. I have to give thanks to both Evan with Allen Fly Fishing and Nathan with Brainoil; without these dudes encouraging me to crank out work for their respective projects a few years back, I wouldn’t be on this path. I also need to give thanks to my family and close friends – without their support (which has been there since day one) I would never have the confidence to keep truckin’.

Rainbow in the Dark #2 | 2012 | 12" x 12" | Pen, ink and watercolor on paper

Rainbow in the Dark #2 | 2012 | 12″ x 12″ | Pen, ink and watercolor on paper

Further, I need to give thanks to everyone that has stumbled across my work online, or in person, and has given me a simple “thumbs’ up” if you will – those small bumps keep me motivated day after day.



I don’t sell my work much, I don’t show it much, and I’m not really concerned about that; I’m focused on making work. Knowing that some people are connecting to it is good enough for me.



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