Keeler Spent Some Time Away


So, months have gone by. I’ve been moving the family into the burbs, traveling and doing the grind for work, and generally living a pretty domesticated life citizens.  A dude’s gotta have priorities.  Fortunately, I’ve found time to keep plugging away at some new works, and here and there I’ve dragged the boy out to fish with grandpa; those were some great times.

I fished for some pike with MZA, and I even floated the Mississippi with Slint a couple weeks ago – the fishing generally sucked both times, but the company was great.

In the background, I’ve got some projects cooking.  I’m never idle amigos.  2016 is going to be a bitchin’ year…and 2015 still has something to offer.

To everyone out there – don’t let the work grind ya down, and keep the horns high.  Cheers.



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