Out The Other Day

If you take away a quick jaunt to the Keys with my son to visit the grandparents, the first day of fishing came some weeks ago. Maybe longer.  Can’t quit remember.  A lot of selling a house, buying a house, long work weeks, and so forth have defined the late Winter into Spring time-span.

This was, and is, perfectly acceptable and expected; plans had long been in the works concerning home selling/ownership and colossal work projects.  I knew what my Spring would look like.  Ebbs and flows amigos…right?

Still, a lack of fishing, and a lack of art making is never a good thing.  Sure, you can dull the edge a bit with some fishing videos, good beers, and the company of family.  But, at some point one needs to wade the river, stomp through muck in the lake..and then go drink a beer and maybe draw something.

We all have our hobbies, pursuits, interests and desires that feed the healthy side of our psyche.  If we don’t fulfill them, many times we become unbalanced, agitated, unproductive and to an extreme…pieces of shit.

Let us not be pieces of shit.

Let us find balance.

Things are alright

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