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Tamara Andersen - The Hunt | 1997 | Mixed media on paper

Tamara Andersen – The Hunt | 1997 | Mixed media on paper

This piece is entitled “The Hunt”, from 1997, by my aunt Tamera Andersen. This particular piece, and the body of work it belongs to that she created, is one of the most significant influences on the work I do today.  She had a show back in the late 90’s of this work..totally floored me.  It was at that just-right-time when I was figuring who I was as an artist.  It crystallized a lot for me.

She recently gifted myself, and my brother, our choice of one the works from this body of work.  I chose this one.  As my brother and I carefully pulled back amazing work after amazing work, along my mother (Tamera’s sister) in my mom’s studio this past weekend, it struck me like lighting. I knew this was the one I wanted.  My brother chose an equally deep, emotional charged and expertly rendered work.

Tamera has been an artist her entire life, as has my mother, and their other sister Penny.  My grandfather, their father, was an artist as well; painting just like the rest of us, and working as a commercial artist and illustrator in St. Paul at Brown & Bigelow.  My brother and I carry on that endeavor, and it’s something I hope my son finds in his life.

So, throwing back this Thursday, I’m giving a nod to my family, my lineage and something that had an indelible impact on what I do today.

Cheers to good art and it’s important place in our lives.

Horns High and Tight Lines amigos.

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