Pilecastius the Dragon Slayer


Pilecastius the Dragon Slayer (Necromancer 2) | 2014 | 12″  x 6″ | Pen and watercolor on paper | Prints available here: http://goo.gl/QQ20TR

The second finished piece in the Necromancer series goes out to Pile Cast – a wicked cool fly fishing blog by a wicked cool guy.   I’ve received a good deal of support from him, so in a way, this drawing is a way to say “thanks”.

At large, there is an underlying theme to the Necromancer series developing; I could pick any subject, personal or unknown, to base these images on.  So far, I’ve chosen to pick people/subjects that have had an influence on my life as a fly fisherman.  I think that personal connection helps drive these pieces, it helps generate motivation and inspiration. 

I also pick scenes that say “Heavy Metal” while they say “Fly Fishing” – I mean, why the hell would I draw anything else right?

Horns up.



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