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February 2014


Howler | 2014 | 6" x 6" | pen and watercolor on paper | print available here:
Howler | 2014 | 6″ x 6″ | pen and watercolor on paper | print available here:

The culmination of beers, metal, and some wicked new headphones.

It’s half past metal amigos.

You can buys this..seriously.
You can buy this..seriously.

On it

Thank you Simms for these great gloves so I can draw a permit in my freezing basement
Thank you Simms for these great gloves so I can draw a permit in my freezing basement

I was planning on doing some drawing today, but it kcked into higher gear when I saw this.

I’m a fan of Surly.  I know those guys.  I’ve been pining to pen some bottle/can art for them for the last 2,000 years.  I now have my chance. I make no assumptions, just going to put my work out there and see if it gets in where it fits in.

So, a couple sketches this morning, a nod to the old Creator/Destroyer in the basement, and finishing off a Permit drawing while rocking my Simms gloves.

God damn.  Making art is awesome.

Have a good one amigos!


Pilecastius the Dragon Slayer


Pilecastius the Dragon Slayer (Necromancer 2) | 2014 | 12″  x 6″ | Pen and watercolor on paper | Prints available here:

The second finished piece in the Necromancer series goes out to Pile Cast – a wicked cool fly fishing blog by a wicked cool guy.   I’ve received a good deal of support from him, so in a way, this drawing is a way to say “thanks”.

At large, there is an underlying theme to the Necromancer series developing; I could pick any subject, personal or unknown, to base these images on.  So far, I’ve chosen to pick people/subjects that have had an influence on my life as a fly fisherman.  I think that personal connection helps drive these pieces, it helps generate motivation and inspiration. 

I also pick scenes that say “Heavy Metal” while they say “Fly Fishing” – I mean, why the hell would I draw anything else right?

Horns up.



Friday nights

Deadlines at work, a lot of unfinished drawings, and the to-do list never ends – I feel bloated.  Need to get some of these projects d.o.n.e.

All in good time.

It’s Friday night, and this husband and father just came off a 50 hour work week.  Not complaining, just relishing a Friday night in the basement with my drawings and what-nots.

Drinking some German Craft Beer, and some of that new shizz from my peeps at Summit.  Strollin’ down memory lane, appreciating those good times.

Hope you’ve got a cold one and feeling of accomplishment tonight.  Cheers amigos.

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