Free The Fighter

There is a story behind this piece; a gesture of gratitude to a righteous dude and great friend.  It's a story that you know reader, a story that takes place year after year.  Close friends, fishing, beers and growing together over awkward high school moments all the way to our present mundane household chores of... Continue Reading →

Slint The Red-Hooded (Necromancer 1)

This is the first piece in a new series I'm calling Necromancers.  I'll let you draw your own conclusions between the series' name and the work. Prints and stretched canvases are available here. I will say that this piece, and the ones currently in the works, have given me a sense of excitement, engagement and... Continue Reading →


I'm proud to share that I have a piece/feature in the newest addition of  Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal. Revive is another great online publication covering the places, art, fish, people and culture of contemporary fly fishing.  I'm honored to be a small part of what they're doing.  Please check it out, and... Continue Reading →

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