ghostswingingI’ve had an idea for a new body for work bouncing around in my head for the last month.  I finally put pencil/paint to surface, and the idea jumped into life.  I’m pumped.

The surface/canvas will be wood boards (new or used, as long as they’re suitable to draw on).  The grain, texture and feel of the wood will be a springboard for the setting.  Subjects will be people, and sometimes the fish, and equally important the setting/place surrounding them. Pencil, pen and water-colors will snap it all together.

As I’ve thought a bit more about “why” I’m endeavoring upon this new series, I’m realizing part of the motivation to focus on the people and places comes from wanting to tie the subject of fish/fly fishing to the larger story of the people I fish with, the places we go, and the overall experience.  Don’t get me wrong, a smallie or tarpon drawing is the jam, and I’ll keep making those, but bringing people and environments into the mix gives the work more dimension.

Oh, and the people will be all skulled-out, with horns and other gnarly shit.  Naturally.

I’ve got my S.M.A.S.H B.I.T.S ready to tap, and a new body of work to explore.  Things are looking good.  Happy Saturday citizens.

Make art, Make Beer, Go Fishing.



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  1. MD
    November 9, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    Nice red hoodie!

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