Drawing at dinner to entertain my son..taken what I can get.
Drawing at dinner to entertain my son..taking what I can get.

Damn, I haven’t made work or gone fishing for a good while now.  Consequently, nothing much to post here.  It’s not for lack of want or desire, it’s simply a result of being busy at work.  Kind of a lame excuse for an “arteest” I know, but, it is true.  See the thing is, I like my job.  I like it a lot.  I work in the craft beer industry, and I work for a really good company doing important work (so I’m told).  So, sometimes I pour myself in that direction, and that’s OK with me.

All that said, art and fishing are like eating meat and veggies – gotta happen to keep the train rollin’.

I just threw up some new sheets of paper on the wall and started monkeying around.  The fishing may not come as easily, but I’m sure I’ll find a free afternoon somewhere.

In the meantime, here are some photos I took while I was in Germany for 10 days…working.  Prost.

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