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August 2013

Things happen, things move on

For a long time, I’ve desired to move away from color in my work.  I don’t know why.  I’ve known it, felt it, and wanted it.  For whatever reason I just couldn’t do it.   Well, fuck it, why not now?  Let’s see what happens.  Put away the watercolors, inks, colored pencils and markers – keep the greys, blacks and white.  Bring out the pencils, graphite, charcoal, oil paints (black and white, natch), linseed oil, paper, canvas and set the camera and smart phone to B & W .  Time to get back to the roots.  Time to break it down to build it back up.  Time to make some new pictures.  Time to move on.

Cheers citizens



An older collage – maybe 2006 or somewhere there about. I came across it while cleaning up files from discs, jump drives, hard drives and the such. It struck me how my work has become a bit more “tight”, and illustrative, whereas my older work was more rooted in feeling vs. graphics. I think there is something to dig into here…

bubbles in my beer, part 2

Have to share this blog from my man Dawson. Droppin’ knowledge on the craft beer game.

the beer engine

Citizens, in the last several months your author has seen a number of stories about new, contract-brewed brands built almost purely around a marketing concept or narrow demographic target that seem to be, to put it as objectively as possible, all hat and no cattle. What a lot of folks in the fall of 2012 might have considered “getting into brewing for the wrong reasons.”

My knee jerk reaction was uncharitable and unfavorable. Deep, internet forum-grade butthurt, scandalized like a Victorian lady. My second, more considered line of inquiry was to dig a little deeper. Join me in examining my feelings.

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