Dangerous Abe: The Bearded Gar – Day 1

Gar Eye

Gar Eye

The mural is off to a great start…well, to be honest, it’s almost already done.

The patrons of Dangerous Man Brewing Co. chose a gar to be the subject.  To which I say, “thank you citizens.” When the word was official I immediately got started on some gar sketches, and put my materials together for a Monday-mural session. The image came fast and I decided right away that I would keep this mural simple…just a shortnose gar with a beard.  No fuss.

Gar sketch

Gar sketch

Gar sketch

Gar sketch

Along with touching base with the crew at DM, I also shot an email off to Twin Cities Live about the plans.  During the Lucidchrome mural, they expressed interest in doing  story on the brewery-fish-murals once I had scheduled the work with the third brewery.  They got back right away and we set a date to do a shoot and interview this Thursday. I’ll post a link here once the story airs.

With all the pieces in place, sketches made, and materials chosen I headed to DM this morning through slushy streets.  I arrived a bit after 9:30am and got to work right away.  Coming in to work on a mural of a bearded gar seemed like a completely logical thing to do there.  The vibe was right.

This vibe, along with a smooth wall, and perfect colors to play off of, helped speed this first day along.  I was organized, focused and the juju was flowing.  I had to stop at about 2:30pm, simply because I wanted to keep some work for Thursday when we do the TV spot and allow myself to sleep on the mural for a day or two before I said, “done”.

I’m stoked about how it’s looking so far. I even gave it a title: Dangerous Abe – The Bearded Gar

Here are some images from Day #1

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  One thought on “Dangerous Abe: The Bearded Gar – Day 1

  1. January 29, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    I voted for a sturgeon, but I have to say the Gar looks awesome! I can’t wait to check that out at Dangerous Man, looking good!

  2. Jim
    January 29, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    Wicked cool!

  3. Scott M.
    February 2, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    NICE! I can’t wait to get up there and check it out while tasting whatever they have on tap.

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