Lucidchrome – Days two and three

tools of the trade

tools of the trade

Two more days on the Lucid Brewing mural completed. A fourth day is certainly in the plans, and possibly a fifth to make any last minute touches.  What I thought would only take 3 full days has now stretched out to 5, not-so-full days, over the course of about 2.5 weeks.  In the end I’ll put in the raw hours I expected to, but not the level of efficiency and time management I was hoping for.

Lemme’ tell you something citizens – I hate when projects get protracted by small hurdles, little inconveniences, and short work days.  I really hate it.  Like, it is the single most defining pet-peeve I hold. When something gets held up, and/or falls off the rails completely due to real life drama, needs and/or demands I find it acceptable and workable; you gotta handle your business, I get that.  But when things get drawn out due to an informal approach, little hiccups, lazy planning, hangin’ out, and letting things develop at their own pace…the stage is set for frustration down the road.

The emergence of the 4th and 5th day on-site is entirely my own fault, due to taking on some other commitments, late evening meetings, and lack of good diet and exercise (read sleeping in after one too many); not real life shit, just secondary and tertiary noise and activities. So, I owe this frustration to me, myself and I.  Which makes it all the harder to swallow.

Now, with that said, I have enjoyed this project and think the end result will be awesome.  I may only scorn this child in the present due to the fact it’s keeping me from making other work, pursuing some other projects, and generally taking up time.  Over the years, I will grow to appreciate it’s lagging along and smell-the-flowers ways.  But for now, to paraphrase High On Fire – time has come to wield the axe.

I’m ready to bang this out, get it done and move onto some new work.

Lucid, and everyone that works there have been very accommodating, supportive and generally rad….so I’m feeling good about the home in which the painting will live.  Further, they have hooked me up with generous amounts of liquid thank you’s, and for this I am truly appreciative.

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The highlights for day two and three are thus:

1.  The reaffirmation that despite work getting into what I call the “fugly, junky, muddy, ruined” stage, I always drag the original vision out and carve it into something that meets my expectations.  I’m always enamored with the initial sketch; the essence of the image.  In some cases work stops right then and there, as it should.  But for murals like this, some raw hours and development of imagery, layers of color, texture and depth are needed.  The process can be humbling and instructive.

2. In a fortuitous turn, a camera crew from a local TV station happened to be on-site during day two.  They were including Lucid in a piece about new breweries in the Twin Cities. While there, they took notice of the mural.  As it turned out, they were headed to Pour Decisions later that day, so we got to rapping about the mural project Into The Maw, and after some follow up emails, they are going to do a story about the murals once the third location is picked.  Did I mention I’m doing a third mural of a fish at a local brewery?  No?  Ok, well, that is now happening.  More on that later.

3. Everyone at Lucid is stoked on the piece, and one of the owners Jon took to my suggestion that the chromer should be saying, “The swing is the thing, the tug is the drug.”.  Everyone wins.

Day 4, and possibly day 5 will come and pass this week.  I’ll post the final work and some final notes by the weekend.  I mean, as long as I don’t let stupid shit get in the way.


  One thought on “Lucidchrome – Days two and three

  1. greg
    January 15, 2013 at 2:16 am

    Nice to hear that you’re getting some love from the local press. At least one of these murals needs a beer to attach itself to. Call Ballast Point and tell them to get crackin’

    • dave
      January 19, 2013 at 6:10 am

      It looks sick! Have you done any works with saltwater fish?

      • January 19, 2013 at 1:23 pm

        Not yet, but some Tarpon, bones, redfish and cuda are in the plans for 2013! I fished the flats around Big Pine Key last year for about 5 days. I’m hooked and itching to get back there!

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