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December 2012

Two Thousand and Twelve

Big year.

Fished the Keys for the first time.  Watched the son become a boy. Left “the” job of 7 years and learned some hard lessons.  BIAB’ing for the win. Became a chairperson.  Started a business.  Got back to the studio with a vengeance.

Cheers to 2012 and cheers to the bright future that 2013 holds for everyone courageous enough to live deliberately, and will their vision into reality.

Screw Big, let’s get epic in 2013 citizens.

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Chrome December/Fishbeer

1st:  I forgot to include a blog in my last post that I think everyone here should follow: Fishbeer

Matt Dunn is a fisherman, and a beer lover, and he writes about both.  So, there is that and that is enough.

2nd: Here are some small pieces in the Winer Chrome series I finally finished.

For the next 365

I want to share a selection of blogs, people, and sites that I’ve come to enjoy, respect and in some cases work with during 2012.  I encourage you all to check them out and show support in 2013, because I believe they deserve it, and in many cases they’ve supported me.

Oh Beautiful Beer

Carrots Beer

“Oh Beautiful Beer celebrates remarkable graphic design from the world of beer.”

I dig this blog because it focuses on something I love, I think about, and sometimes even work with in my own career – good art/design and beer.  It’s a blog I’d be proud to call my own.  I’m impressed by their curation as well; rarely do their selections not pass muster.  Clean, simple and to the point…put it in your feed if you like good design and good beer.

Gink and Gasoline

The Swing is the Thing Photo Louis Cahill
The Swing is the Thing | Photo Louis Cahill

“Gink and Gasoline is about a vision. It’s about challenging ourselves as fishermen and sharing the experience. We see it as our mission to live the dream and bring it back home to you.”

G&G is a blog by Louis Cahill and Kent Klewein.  Both are seasoned veterans of the fly-fishing industry.  Kent is a professional guide and has written for many fly-fishing publications.  Louis is a professional photographer and his photos have been all over the fly-fishing print and web world. They’re dudes who have paid their dues, and now strive to share their unique experiences with other like-minded fly-fisherman.

Both are super knowledgeable fisherman, pragmatic advisers, great story tellers and sharers of quality info, people, resources and generally rad stuff.

Beer Engine Blog

Mr. Dawson
Mr. Dawson | Photo Michael Dawson

“Homebrewer, tourist, raker of mash tuns and cleaner of kegs, grower of hops, dilettante, the one who rolls the casks, owner of too much glassware, certified beer judge, snob, indiscriminate guzzler, geek dork nerd, scrivener of blogs.”

My brewing mentor and close friend, Michael Dawson, talking about beer and brewing beer.  He’s one of the most respected minds in homebrewing and in my humble opinion, one of the best writers on the subject as well.  Dawson will learn you, get you to laugh and teach you why great beer is the coolest thing in the world.

He’s a diehard fly-fisherman as well…so that doesn’t hurt.

Paul Pucket

Predator vs. | Paul Puckett
Predator vs. | Paul Puckett

”Paul Puckett….I like too damn many things. So, I love flyfishing, music and art.  Life would be simple if I only liked one, but it would be quite boring….”

Paul has a bunch of places to check out his art, music and fly fishing related adventures. His blog is called Rightbrainretrieve, is the best location to find the confluence of these things.

His artwork is awesome. But I’m particularly drawn to the idea of exploring where interests intersect.  It’s what I’m all about and it’s reassuring to see that I’m not the only fool pursuing this quest. Check him out.

Chop and Brew

Chip Walton | Photo Jon Weber
Chip Walton | Photo Jon Weber

“Chop & Brew is a blog and webshow about life’s great food and fermentations. A large focus will be on homebrewing of all sorts – extract, partial mash, BIAB, and all-grain; ales, lagers, and experimental brews. C&B will also feature and highlight other home fermentations such as wine, mead, sake and kombucha. And we’ll also talk about cooking, barbecuing, grilling, roasting, smoking, curing, freezing — and the spaces wherein food and fermentation meet.”

Watch out ninjas! Mr. Chip Walton is taking his show on the road!  No more Brewing TV right?  Pfft. Whatever.  Those dudes all got blogs now, and more importantly, Chip has got his own camera, audio gear and editing software to go solo.  He’ll be banging homebrew sessions with BTV alums and guests, as well as diving into the food arena.  Be on the look out in 2013, and expect posts here at 20acres as well. All for BLAM! and BLAM! for all.

Unearthed #3

Pull Omega
Pull Omega | 2007 | 26″ x 40″ | Pen and aerosol on paper

Birth of a pattern right here.  Somewhere, somehow by something I was inspired to develop a hatch/weave pattern.  After doodling around, I settled on these, and went on to make a bunch more.  The pattern itself stands on it’s own, but more recently it’s incorporated into larger compositions/images.

If time permits, I hope to create a new series of drawings, like these, that use the pattern as the main player.

Anyone got some time to lend me?

Push Omega
Push Omega | 2007 | 26″ x 40″ | Pen and aerosol on paper
push omega 2
Push Omega #2 | 2007 | 26″ x 40″ | Pen and aerosol on paper

Out of a Rut

Birds of America

Birds of America 2 | 2009-12 | 5.5" x 8" | Mixed media on paper
Birds of America 2 | 2009-12 | 5.5″ x 8″ | Mixed media on paper

I bought an old, beat up copy of Audubon’s Birds of America a while back, and initially intended to use it as reference book.  As it turned out, the text and the book itself became more interesting to me vs. the images.  I decided to use the book as a sketch book..creating small drawings, mixed media pieces and collages right onto the pages.

There was something very satisfying about taking something with so much existing character, feel and visual density and let it inspire, in some way, what was created.  It became a “recreated” book if you will.  I’ve jumped in and out, and back and forth to this book over the last couple years.  Picking it up and making a sketch, looking back at something at first disregarded but now fascinating, and allowing it to fill moments of low-motivation or ruts.

I felt one such rut weeks ago.  Normally creative ruts only lasts a few days for me, but this time it lasted weeks.  Ruts come when I’m busy with all the other stuff in life, ruts come when I’m sick and ruts come when energy is low.  So, I turned to my trusty rut-breaker…and it worked.  This time however, it required me to tear off both the front and back of the book, tear out pages, and essentially dismantle it.  I saved the best pieces within, and have grand plans for the choice bits still calling for manipulation.  Here is a sampling.  Cheers.

Follow me…

Working on that pattern...
Working on that pattern…

In the pursuit of getting my work in front of more people, and putting some real effort towards getting my work in some way shape or form into the hands of others in 2013, I’ve created a Facebook page for my art.  I plan on making daily posts including work in progress images, ephemera, as well as finished works and significant news which would also end up here to some extant.

So, if you’re on Facebook please like the page and follow along:

And, if you are on Twitter follow me at: @JakeDKeeler

Cheers…Happy Repeal Day!

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