Two Thousand and Twelve

Big year. Fished the Keys for the first time.  Watched the son become a boy. Left "the" job of 7 years and learned some hard lessons.  BIAB'ing for the win. Became a chairperson.  Started a business.  Got back to the studio with a vengeance. Cheers to 2012 and cheers to the bright future that 2013... Continue Reading →

Chrome December/Fishbeer

1st:  I forgot to include a blog in my last post that I think everyone here should follow: Fishbeer Matt Dunn is a fisherman, and a beer lover, and he writes about both.  So, there is that and that is enough. 2nd: Here are some small pieces in the Winer Chrome series I finally finished.

For the next 365

I want to share a selection of blogs, people, and sites that I've come to enjoy, respect and in some cases work with during 2012.  I encourage you all to check them out and show support in 2013, because I believe they deserve it, and in many cases they've supported me. Oh Beautiful Beer "Oh... Continue Reading →

Unearthed #3

Birth of a pattern right here.  Somewhere, somehow by something I was inspired to develop a hatch/weave pattern.  After doodling around, I settled on these, and went on to make a bunch more.  The pattern itself stands on it's own, but more recently it's incorporated into larger compositions/images. If time permits, I hope to create... Continue Reading →

Out of a Rut

Birds of America I bought an old, beat up copy of Audubon's Birds of America a while back, and initially intended to use it as reference book.  As it turned out, the text and the book itself became more interesting to me vs. the images.  I decided to use the book as a sketch book..creating... Continue Reading →

Follow me…

In the pursuit of getting my work in front of more people, and putting some real effort towards getting my work in some way shape or form into the hands of others in 2013, I've created a Facebook page for my art.  I plan on making daily posts including work in progress images, ephemera, as... Continue Reading →

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