Winter Chrome

Steelhead, and in particular, Winter steelhead, are one of the coolest fish that swims.  It's it.  Consequently, I find them to be a preferred subject matter.  It may be the shape, the lines, the colors, or just the mojo that these fish drum up.  In any case, I've started a new body called Winter... Continue Reading →

More Bubbles…

First of all, read the latest entry by Mr. Dawson over at the Beer Engine Blog about the craft beer "bubble".  He drops some science, as he is prone to do. Second of all, I'd like to chime in on the subject, as it's been on my mind as well. I'll keep my observation concise, and... Continue Reading →

Drink that beer NOW!

My man Dawson has been talking about patience over on The Beer Engine. Whatever dude. Drink those beers NOW! Well, I should mention that Mr. Dawson was talking about a Russian Imperial Stout.  He may be on to something with this patience thing.  The beers I'm referring to ride another line of lightning. I'm talking... Continue Reading →

Fucking Vote

I vote for the things that matter most to me and my family. On November 6th I'll be voting.  You should vote too. Here's some photos of cool shit.  

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